Runners – Where do you fit?Lucky Road runner

Runners come in all shapes and sizes, running frequencies and terrain they run on. We cater to all levels of runner and are strong believers that in all cases, having the proper running shoes along with the right fit can make the difference in the quality and quantity of your running or walking.

Walkers – There are a lot more of you!

Everybody walks, every day. As you get older and those legs and feet start to hurt more, running may no longer be as fun as it used to be so you’ve switched to walking. Having the right walking footwear with the proper fit will keep you going longer with less pain.

Lucky Road kidKid’s feet need good support, too

While kids grow out of their athletic shoes quickly, having the proper shoes is important. Many travel sports teams including soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse and field hockey require year-round training so getting a comfortable properly fit pair of running shoes helps kids go further with less chance of sore feet.

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