The Importance of Asking More Information

Jack was referred to us by his Physical therapist. It was suggested that he try on the Brooks Dyad. The Dyad is a unique shoe in that it is designed for a flat-stable foot. Unfortunately the majority of shoe manufacturers don’t recognize that this foot type exists. So there are not many options available. Even fewer shoe fitting experts know how to use this type of shoe.

At first glance I noticed that Jack did not have a flat foot. In fact, he had a very high, rigid arch. My first thought was the Dyad was not an appropriate shoe for him. But I needed more information before making that suggestion. So, I asked Jack why he was seeing a PT. Turns out he is experiencing pain due to extremely tight muscles, both intrinsic and extrinsic, of the lower limb. Again, This information has me thinking the Dyad is not appropriate. One last question led to my discovery that Jack also has neuropathy. Neuropathy affects the nerve endings which, in Jack’s case, was causing burning and numbing sensations in his feet. This also created problems in Jack’s ability to maintain his balance. For the balance reason alone the Dyad WAS appropriate.

The Dyad offers a broad, straight platform for Jack’s foot to center itself and rest upon. It also offers the proper amount of cushioning and resiliance to support his feet. He noticed a difference right away. His smile was reminiscent of kid’s who are so excited about getting new shoes that they want to wear them home… which Jack did.

~ Jeff Van Horn, Lucky Road