Trial and Error

Joe is a local high school swimmer. On the advice of his family Physician, Joe’s parents brought him to Lucky Road to be fitted for a good pair of over the counter orthotics. Joe has a very unique gait cycle, one I may have seen about 10 times in my 20 years of conducting biomechanics assessments. Normal foot biomechanics are such that our feet will invert about 4 degrees before initially striking the ground on the outside of our heels. Joe’s feet do the opposite. His feet evert in air phase and strike the ground to the inside of his heels.

An orthotic is not a bad idea but, it is only as supportive as the shoe where it is placed. If the shoes are not stable the orthotic will not be stable either. So before we considered fitting Joe with orthotics, we wanted to see his physical response to wearing shoes with a little more support. First we tried the Asics 2000, a reliable shoe with a mild degree of stability. After a few steps in the Asics 2000, …

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WARNING: This post may offend some self proclaimed experts in gait analysis.

Amanda visited Lucky Road last week. We assessed her running gait as being neutral. She said she was confused because the past two running stores she visited told her she overpronated and sold her stability models. After a few more questions we discovered the “gait analysis” offered at the other two stores isn’t a real gait analysis. They watched her walk barefoot. Thats it, nothing more. Watching someone walk barefoot is not only an incomplete method of assessing ones running gait, it’s “completely” inaccurate. There are distinct differences between a running gait and a walking gait. There are also distinct differences between shod and unshod walking or running gait.

The Tibialis Posterior Muscle/Tendon is responsible for helping to stabilize our arches and subtalor joint. In a nut-shell, it helps prevent excessive pronation while running. However, the tibialis posterior remains dormant while standing or walking. What is commonly accepted as overpronation is more likely to be seen in a walking gait. But that means nothing to a runner. When we run, ground reaction forces are enough to trigger the Tibialis Posterior …

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Richmond: Upcoming Running and Walking Events

There are some awesome running and walking events coming up in the Richmond area to keep you moving. Stay tuned to our events page or visit us on Facebook to stay up to date with running and walking events around Richmond.

Be sure to let us know of any upcoming running or walking events by posting a comment below.

Do you need new shoes for an upcoming event? Stop by and get a free gait analysis with purchase or just come in and say hi! Be sure to come in after the event to get your Lucky Road magnet!

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The importance of good gait analysis

Kyle visited Lucky Road yesterday to tell us about his foot pain. Seems all was fine and dandy until he went to a store that claimed to provide professional gait analysis. He was told he overpronated and needed a pair of stability shoes. That’s when the pain on the outside of his foot started. So he went to another store that claimed to provide professional gait analysis. They also said Kyle overpronated but needed $65 orthotics to raise his flat arches to go along with stability shoes. They sold him a pair that were too narrow and had been discontinued five years ago. That’s when the pain got worse. So far Kyle was into this for almost $200 yet his problem got worse!

It’s commonly believed that flat arches are overpronated and therefore need extra support. This is a false theory. With our Lucky Road iPad app for video gait analysis we were able to show Kyle that his flat feet were perfectly stable. He didn’t overpronate and didn’t need any stability features in his shoes, or $65 supports …

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Lucky Road Sponsors EX2 Adventures

If you did not already know this, Team Lucky Road sponsors all of the EX2 Adventures races. Don’t know who EX2 is? Oh, well, let me bring you up to date. EX2 is an elite group of adventure buffs that have been rocking the adventure sports races for more than a decade {they started up in 2000}. The entire team lives and breaths adventure, outdoor challenges and extreme sports. And they want to bring their love for all things adventure sports to YOU!

In addition to being a bunch of enthusiasts, the guys at EX2 create sports races that challenge competitors of varied interests and abilities. At any given time you can find these guys hosting trail runs, mountain biking events, adventure races and off road triathlons; EX2 prides themselves on challenging the beginner and the experienced sports aficionado!

The Lucky Road team is excited that we are sponsoring all of the EX2 Adventures races. In fact, there is a race coming up on the 21st of July. It is …

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Finding the Right Running Shoes: Importance of Holistic Gait Analysis

Training for a marathon requires much attention to very specific details – what is the terrain? What will the temperature be? How many attempts will I have to hydrate along the way? Who will be running and how many people will there be? What attire should I consider wearing? And, maybe most importantly, what pair of shoes should I run in?

Most who attempt to run a marathon begin with finding the best pair of sneakers. Who would blame them? Training in a good pair of shoes potentially will protect your body from injury. Yep, you read that right – your entire body. Shoes do not just protect your feet though they do a good job at that, too!

Recently, WTOP blogger, Paula Wolfson, published an article about her journey toward running the Marine Corp Marathon. She chronicles her training ventures and references a “Wolfson Team” of experts that are helping her along the way. However, most importantly, is the YouTube video she posted toward the end, which shows her picking out that perfect shoe.

Go ahead …

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