WARNING: This post may offend some self proclaimed experts in gait analysis.

Amanda visited Lucky Road last week. We assessed her running gait as being neutral. She said she was confused because the past two running stores she visited told her she overpronated and sold her stability models. After a few more questions we discovered the “gait analysis” offered at the other two stores isn’t a real gait analysis. They watched her walk barefoot. Thats it, nothing more. Watching someone walk barefoot is not only an incomplete method of assessing ones running gait, it’s “completely” inaccurate. There are distinct differences between a running gait and a walking gait. There are also distinct differences between shod and unshod walking or running gait.

The Tibialis Posterior Muscle/Tendon is responsible for helping to stabilize our arches and subtalor joint. In a nut-shell, it helps prevent excessive pronation while running. However, the tibialis posterior remains dormant while standing or walking. What is commonly accepted as overpronation is more likely to be seen in a walking gait. But that means nothing to a runner. When we run, ground reaction forces are enough to trigger the Tibialis Posterior …

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BEWARE the BIG SALE: That sale shoe may be more costly than you think.

Your running shoes are the single most important piece of equipment you own. However, the three main reasons people buy shoes are 1) name brand, 2) style or color and finally, 3) sale price. All three of these reasons have nothing to do with weather or not a shoe fits well or is designed to meet our unique needs. Considering the number of us who are beginning training for the Monument Ave 10K this year, we’ll be logging plenty of miles, purchasing a shoe that doesn’t fit, or work for our unique needs, can increase our risk of injury.

You might see stores advertising sales of 30%, 50% and even 75% off. Unfortunately when stores do this they take away the incentive of helping their customers find the right shoe. The emphasis is instead on selling as much product as possible. Customers end up buying shoes that cause pain and can’t be returned. We know this because we’ve seen it happen a lot over the past few months. I’ve lost count of the number of runners who came seeking our …

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The importance of good gait analysis

Kyle visited Lucky Road yesterday to tell us about his foot pain. Seems all was fine and dandy until he went to a store that claimed to provide professional gait analysis. He was told he overpronated and needed a pair of stability shoes. That’s when the pain on the outside of his foot started. So he went to another store that claimed to provide professional gait analysis. They also said Kyle overpronated but needed $65 orthotics to raise his flat arches to go along with stability shoes. They sold him a pair that were too narrow and had been discontinued five years ago. That’s when the pain got worse. So far Kyle was into this for almost $200 yet his problem got worse!

It’s commonly believed that flat arches are overpronated and therefore need extra support. This is a false theory. With our Lucky Road iPad app for video gait analysis we were able to show Kyle that his flat feet were perfectly stable. He didn’t overpronate and didn’t need any stability features in his shoes, or $65 supports …

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