Get Fit, Get Lucky!

With the tax season, spring race season and school year all winding down, it seems we’ve hit a lull! How do you keep yourself motivated?  Well here at Lucky Road we are giving you a challenge- to run or walk as many days as you can – finishing off your streak with a race on the Fourth of July! The challenge began on May 26th, but if you didn’t start with us then- don’t worry! You can build a heck of a streak starting right now! Join the event here: Get Fit, Get Lucky Summer Challenge.

Why do this?

Well, first and foremost- for yourself.  Staying active and having a reason to get out whether you’re walking or running just feels good!  Sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed for that run/walk in the morning and knowing that we’re all there with you (not literally, that would be a bit creepy) is worth so much.

Second- aside from a sense of personal accomplishment and pride, we also want to give you your very own Lucky Road sticker as …

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