Jeff Van Horn has been a runner for most of his life. Once a competitive runner, he now runs for leisure and fun. Jeff has a degree in Sport Medicine. While in school he became interested in running and walking injury.

We make running fun

Running should be fun. It’s great for both your physical and mental health. It gets people together in the community to help support worthy causes, it brings families together and gets people outside!

Motion Analysis comes with your purchase

Lucky Road is proud to offer the latest advancement in Full Body Motion Analysis, the most complete gait analysis available. With the use of video and computer technology as well as our test track pictured below we can help you see and understand your form and show exactly how shoes affect the way you move. Jeff is using his background in Sports Medicine to observe human biomechanics and motion in order to evaluate the technological features of running and walking shoes; specifically, how those shoes are affecting the way people run and walk.

gait analysis track

Jeff has created a specially designed Apple iPad application that records runners’ motion from all angles and then dissects each plane. This allows him to analyze runners’ bilateral symmetry and how it relates to their overall form. By conducting this gait analysis, Jeff is able to better identify any problems a person may be having. By identifying a person’s gait, Jeff hopes to make running safe to help prevent injury.

Remember, Lucky Road is a simple concept business and speciality running store. Its foundation is to make running simple and fun for everybody.

We assist runners and walkers with improving form and have 25 years experience with running/walking shoes affect on gait and injury.