Win some shoes baby!

We like to keep things lively and people happy. And winning stuff makes people happy. We only ask you to brag excessively about what you won on facebook, tell all your running buddies and otherwise be a brand ambassador of Lucky Road. Not too much to ask? OK. For all that, we’ll throw in a pack of energy gel, too.

Now pictured are men’s shoes. If you are a woman, we won’t make you wear these shoes. And we’ll get your size, too.

running shoes midlothian va




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  1. Will Ham

    Great shoes. You guys helped me a lot. Thanks for the help!

  2. Erin Aeschlimann

    I can’t tell people enough about Lucky Road. Everyone is always so nice. I’ve never been a runner (or liked exercise for that matter), but I decided I needed to do something or I would always be on the sidelines while my kids play. I set my goal to do the Monument 10k this year & I did! I came in for a pair of shoes & had a wonderful experience. I have now done 2 runs & am looking forward to more. Thank you for helping me change my lifestyle…..even w/just a pair of shoes.

  3. Lisa McCarthy

    The only thing that makes me sad about Lucky Road is that I’m in Texas and you are NOT! Still love your website and facebook page. If I make it your way I’ll be certain to come by and shop.

  4. Adam Schutze

    These shoes look great! I am an avid mud runner and outdoorsmen. always looking for a new pair of good shoes to try out!!

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