Fredericksburg Area Running Team

Humans have been running for centuries, yet we have a health epidemic in this country. For the past 100 years people have ignored their innate will to run for a plethora of reasons – too hard, out of shape, not enough time in the day, we’re tired, it is not fun, etc. Why not get back into running shape AND have fun with it? Wondering what that means – fun and running? Well join Jeff Van Horn and the Fredericksburg Area Running Team {F.A.R.T.} for a short run downtown.

Each Thursday at 6:30pm we meet at the Sunken Well Tavern in Fredericksburg, VA and run a short distance before we sit back and enjoy some beer and good conversation afterward. What isn’t fun about running, socializing and drinking beer? Even better, after your first run you will receive an official F.A.R.T. name.

Come join us!

~ “Lucky” F.A.R.T. 


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