Our Favorite Running Apps

appsSmart phones play a key role in how we interact today and the fitness industry is no stranger to the smart phone world. There are thousands of apps out there to monitor everything from the food we eat to the exercises we perform. Deciphering between the best of the bunch can be a headache in itself! Not all apps are created equal, just like running shoes and the brand of athletic apparel you choose. The choice is personal and should fit your unique fitness needs.

Here are few we think are pretty awesome:

MapMyRun (free / paid version available, iphone | android | blackberry)
Winner of Best Running App 2012 – This app helps runners calculate and track distance, pace, calories burned. It offers route navigation, food tracking and can even be enable to synch with your with optional power sensors to track your heart rate and cadence. MapMyRun even keeps a scoreboard of local runs so you can step up your game and scope out the competition.

GetRunning (C25K ($2.99) iphone | android )
This app is geared towards beginning runners. Like a lot of C25K (couch to 5k) apps, this app offers 3 workouts a week, designed to increase your endurance and transition you from walking to running in just 9 weeks. GetRunning provides human voice for continual motivational support that alerts you when it’s time to rest and time to get moving. The human touch is what makes this app stand out and thousands of users have rated GetRunning as the best C25K app available.

MapMyWalk (free / paid version available, iphone | android | blackberry)
Touted as one of the Best Walking Apps of 2012 – MapMyWalk is the sister app to MapMyRun and is part of the MapMyFitness family. It offers all the benefits of MapMyRun but for the walkers out there. Map your activity, track your route and log your food intake all from a user friendly app designed with walkers in mind.

Do you have an app you swear by? Let us know! We’d love to hear your recommendations.


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