The importance of good gait analysis

Kyle visited Lucky Road yesterday to tell us about his foot pain. Seems all was fine and dandy until he went to a store that claimed to provide professional gait analysis. He was told he overpronated and needed a pair of stability shoes. That’s when the pain on the outside of his foot started. So he went to another store that claimed to provide professional gait analysis. They also said Kyle overpronated but needed $65 orthotics to raise his flat arches to go along with stability shoes. They sold him a pair that were too narrow and had been discontinued five years ago. That’s when the pain got worse. So far Kyle was into this for almost $200 yet his problem got worse!

It’s commonly believed that flat arches are overpronated and therefore need extra support. This is a false theory. With our Lucky Road iPad app for video gait analysis we were able to show Kyle that his flat feet were perfectly stable. He didn’t overpronate and didn’t need any stability features in his shoes, or $65 supports to change his arch shape. Kyle’s foot pain was a result of over correction. He just needed a pair of straight lasted neutral shoes that fit the shape of his foot well.

Kyle left Lucky Road with a comfortable pair of well fitted shoes and a big smile. We are eagerly waiting to here back about his successful move toward pain free running.

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