Get Fit, Get Lucky!

With the tax season, spring race season and school year all winding down, it seems we’ve hit a lull! How do you keep yourself motivated?  Well here at Lucky Road we are giving you a challenge- to run or walk as many days as you can – finishing off your streak with a race on the Fourth of July! The challenge began on May 26th, but if you didn’t start with us then- don’t worry! You can build a heck of a streak starting right now! Join the event here: Get Fit, Get Lucky Summer Challenge.

Why do this?

Well, first and foremost- for yourself.  Staying active and having a reason to get out whether you’re walking or running just feels good!  Sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed for that run/walk in the morning and knowing that we’re all there with you (not literally, that would be a bit creepy) is worth so much.

Second- aside from a sense of personal accomplishment and pride, we also want to give you your very own Lucky Road sticker as …

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Richmond: Upcoming Running and Walking Events

There are some awesome running and walking events coming up in the Richmond area to keep you moving. Stay tuned to our events page or visit us on Facebook to stay up to date with running and walking events around Richmond.

Be sure to let us know of any upcoming running or walking events by posting a comment below.

Do you need new shoes for an upcoming event? Stop by and get a free gait analysis with purchase or just come in and say hi! Be sure to come in after the event to get your Lucky Road magnet!

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Beat The Heat: Tips to Stay Cool During Your Run or Walk

As we approach a cool down to the heat wave of the past week, take a moment to enjoy a breeze or two. Temperatures are set to rise again next week and we wanted to give you a little reminder of the importance of staying cool and hydrated during a run or walk.

Hydrate – When it’s hot, you sweat. Our bodies cool themselves off by sweating, but they can’t do it effectively if we’re dehydrated. When you’re dehydrated your body will begin to store heat and cause your internal temperature to rise. Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day, and experts generally recommend drinking 6 to 8 ounces of fluid every 15 minutes while you’re on your walk or run. And don’t just stop there – it’s important to keep drinking when you’re done. You need to replenish the fluids you sweated off during your workout.

Cool It – whether it be a sports drink or water, drinking an icy cold beverage or wearing iced towels before you head outside are a good way to cool your body temperature …

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Our Favorite Running Apps

Smart phones play a key role in how we interact today and the fitness industry is no stranger to the smart phone world. There are thousands of apps out there to monitor everything from the food we eat to the exercises we perform. Deciphering between the best of the bunch can be a headache in itself! Not all apps are created equal, just like running shoes and the brand of athletic apparel you choose. The choice is personal and should fit your unique fitness needs.

Here are few we think are pretty awesome:

MapMyRun (free / paid version available, iphone | android | blackberry) Winner of Best Running App 2012 – This app helps runners calculate and track distance, pace, calories burned. It offers route navigation, food tracking and can even be enable to synch with your with optional power sensors to track your heart rate and cadence. MapMyRun even keeps a scoreboard of local runs so you can step up your game and scope out the competition.

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Marathon Advice for Seasoned and New Runners!

The Marine Corp Marathon is 4 days and 18 hours away, but who is counting? Plenty of you are returning marathoners, but there are first time runners signed up and gearing up for their first marathon. We, at Lucky Road, want to make sure you are preparing adequately in the days leading up to the race. Take a look at our marathon week tips.

First: Don’t do anything new. This is probably the single most important tip we can give you. Race day is not for new shoes, new eating habits, new drinks, new clothing, new sleep patterns or training habits. DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING. And for the love of all runners everywhere {and your body} DO NOT run in new shoes.

Okay, our session is complete.  While we have other tips, if we stopped here it would be enough advice to save your body during the marathon. It is incredibly important that you don’t start changing things now. Consistency is the key to long-term success.

Second, Don’t Overdress. It looks like the weather is going to be cool this Sunday …

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Importance of Wearing Properly Fitted Shoes

Earlier today one of our Facebook friends inquired about painful cramping in her toes while she runs; she wanted to know what could be the cause. So we thought it would be a great opportunity to talk about wearing the right size running shoe.

There could be many reasons why you are experiencing cramping in your toes while you run, but one of the major causes is the shoes may actually to be too small or too narrow. Some people do not realize that while running our feet spread and swell an average of 5 mm each time we strike the ground. Shoes that are too small don’t allow our feet to spread, but instead confine our feet. This confinement can easily lead to decreased circulation; it can impinge nerves and cause the joints to bend in odd directions.

None of these are good things. So what can you do?

First, if you’re in the Midlothian, Chesterfield, Richmond, Northern Virginia or DC Metro stop by Lucky Road. {If you’re not in the area go to a running specialty store}. It …

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Lucky Road Merchandise

We, at Lucky Road, want to make sure you walk run away with the best pair of shoes for your lifestyle. However, we also want you to have a great running wardrobe. Lucky Road is now selling Lucky Road running t-shirts. If you’re interested in these t-shirts with the best looking logo on the east coast, give us a call so we can get you a price and ship a shirt or two out to you!

Currently we are looking to expand our colors for the t-shirts, so let us know what your favorite color is or what colors you’d like to run in so we can consider your input when we order merchandise in the future.

We hope to expand our line of Lucky Road running attire, so keep your eyes peeled for Lucky Road shorts, sweatshirts and other fun things.

In addition to these great t-shirts we also sell these awesome car and refrigerator magnets. You may have noticed more and more popping up in your area. We are so excited about that. Call …

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Future Location of Lucky Road

Lucky Road has had a great few months. We have been meeting lots of new people and enjoying analyzing your gait at local events. We are here to serve all of you in the Midlothian, Chesterfield, Northern Virginia and DC Metro area. Tell all of your friends where to find us!

Speaking of where to find us. We are currently located in the Swift Creek Plaza right across the street from the American Family Fitness. However, this is a temporary location. We are excited to tell everybody we have started demolition and construction of a permanent Lucky Road store!

Fear Not! You won’t have to look all over for us, we’re staying in our Swift Creek Shopping Plaza. Instead of being right across the street from the American Family Fitness, we’ll be down a bit farther, next to the Cold Stone Creamery! While we don’t encourage eating too much ice cream, it is convenient! You can stop in, get your gait analyzed, get fitted for the perfect running shoe and get a treat …

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Lucky Road Sponsors EX2 Adventures

If you did not already know this, Team Lucky Road sponsors all of the EX2 Adventures races. Don’t know who EX2 is? Oh, well, let me bring you up to date. EX2 is an elite group of adventure buffs that have been rocking the adventure sports races for more than a decade {they started up in 2000}. The entire team lives and breaths adventure, outdoor challenges and extreme sports. And they want to bring their love for all things adventure sports to YOU!

In addition to being a bunch of enthusiasts, the guys at EX2 create sports races that challenge competitors of varied interests and abilities. At any given time you can find these guys hosting trail runs, mountain biking events, adventure races and off road triathlons; EX2 prides themselves on challenging the beginner and the experienced sports aficionado!

The Lucky Road team is excited that we are sponsoring all of the EX2 Adventures races. In fact, there is a race coming up on the 21st of July. It is …

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Finding the Right Running Shoes: Importance of Holistic Gait Analysis

Training for a marathon requires much attention to very specific details – what is the terrain? What will the temperature be? How many attempts will I have to hydrate along the way? Who will be running and how many people will there be? What attire should I consider wearing? And, maybe most importantly, what pair of shoes should I run in?

Most who attempt to run a marathon begin with finding the best pair of sneakers. Who would blame them? Training in a good pair of shoes potentially will protect your body from injury. Yep, you read that right – your entire body. Shoes do not just protect your feet though they do a good job at that, too!

Recently, WTOP blogger, Paula Wolfson, published an article about her journey toward running the Marine Corp Marathon. She chronicles her training ventures and references a “Wolfson Team” of experts that are helping her along the way. However, most importantly, is the YouTube video she posted toward the end, which shows her picking out that perfect shoe.

Go ahead …

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