Congratulations John King!

So John King, you are the winner of the rockin’ roll color blaster saucony running shoes. Come and get them. Your charge? It’s a free pair of shoes so there is no charge. We only ask that you brag incessantly about Lucky Road on your Facebook page or any other social media and provide links to our website and Facebook page. And guess what? Even that is optional. So we’ll treat you like a KING (pun intended), so you will not be able to resist gushing online.

Now which John King? Ummmmm. This is not the boss writing this one so I think the right John King knows who he is. I don’t have a picture. He’s practically a movie star on our Facebook page and probably already signing autographs.  If you call the store, they know the right “John King”. We feel fortunate enough to have so many customers that we have duplicate first and last names.

Now if you are the other John King or you are someone else, you can actually own a pair of these yourself. …

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Win some shoes baby!

We like to keep things lively and people happy. And winning stuff makes people happy. We only ask you to brag excessively about what you won on facebook, tell all your running buddies and otherwise be a brand ambassador of Lucky Road. Not too much to ask? OK. For all that, we’ll throw in a pack of energy gel, too.

Now pictured are men’s shoes. If you are a woman, we won’t make you wear these shoes. And we’ll get your size, too.




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