Beat The Heat: Tips to Stay Cool During Your Run or Walk

hotsunAs we approach a cool down to the heat wave of the past week, take a moment to enjoy a breeze or two. Temperatures are set to rise again next week and we wanted to give you a little reminder of the importance of staying cool and hydrated during a run or walk.

Hydrate – When it’s hot, you sweat. Our bodies cool themselves off by sweating, but they can’t do it effectively if we’re dehydrated. When you’re dehydrated your body will begin to store heat and cause your internal temperature to rise. Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day, and experts generally recommend drinking 6 to 8 ounces of fluid every 15 minutes while you’re on your walk or run. And don’t just stop there – it’s important to keep drinking when you’re done. You need to replenish the fluids you sweated off during your workout.

Cool It – whether it be a sports drink or water, drinking an icy cold beverage or wearing iced towels before you head outside are a good way to cool your body temperature down before you subject it to higher temps.

Get Light & Loose – changing out your attire for something a little more breathable & lighter is a great way to stay cool. Moisture-wicking or quick drying clothing is a great option for outdoor exercise. Steer clear from dark fabrics. The lighter the fabric, the more it reflects the sun.

Slow Down – don’t force yourself to do your usual routine. Heat and humility are serious business. Don’t over do it, you can always increase your workout when it’s cooler again.

Timing Counts – it’s best to time your run or walk during the coolest part of the day. The sun is at its peak between 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, so try to work in your outdoor activity in the early mornings or evenings.

Beware of Warning Signs – listen to your body. If you start to feel faint or fatigued, are sweating more than normal (or even stop sweating) or become dizzy, you could be showing signs of heat exhaustion. Heat stroke is also common in the summer months and can occur without warning. If you feel any unusual symptoms, stop your walk or run immediately and seek hydration. If you’re concerned it may be heat stroke, please seek medical attention.

Under Cover – part of the joy of running or walking outdoors is the change of pace and variety of your workout. It feels amazing to be outside, breathing in fresh air and enjoying the elements. As much as we love the outdoors, it’s safer to be smart and bring your workout inside on excessively hot days. Hit the treadmill in an air-conditioned environment. A few days indoors is just that and as that old saying goes, “You never regret the workout you did, only the one you didn’t do.”

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